Delaware County Bar Association Honors Attorney Christopher M. Brown

As a result of his not-for-profit representation of underprivileged clients in the pursuit of the expungement of their criminal records, MMD&C Associate Attorney Christopher M. Brown received a Certificate of Award from the Delaware County Bar Association for Outstanding Achievement in Pro Bono Representation on January 17, 2013.  Though Mr. Brown concentrates his practice in Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, and Zoning, he also represents clients in Expungement proceedings and offers free telephone consultations regarding expungement eligibility and procedures.  One of the major red flags that can negatively affect a job or college applicant is a criminal record.  Anyone who faced criminal charges in the past, regardless of the outcome, and is seeking employment or furtherance of their education should consider the advisability of an expungement.

Please note that Mr. Brown only represents clients Pro Bono when referred through the Pro Bono Project run by Legal Aid of Southeastern Pennsylvania.  Expungement fee rates vary depending on the charges to be expunged but they are normally a flat fee.  The entire expungement process takes approximately 6 months to complete, though a court order can be obtained within 2 months of filing the petition.