Theft, Receiving Stolen Property and Burglary

Criminal convictions involving theft, receiving stolen property, burglary, or other property crimes can result in severe penalties in Pennsylvania. All of these crimes can have a life-long impact on the accused party. Depending on whether the crime is a felony or misdemeanor this could include fines, probation, community service, and jail or prison. Across Pennsylvania, prosecutors are looking for ways to file felony charges while seeking maximum jail time and fines. If you face such charges, hire an experienced criminal defense attorney who knows how to fight using every legal maneuver. Our former prosecutors know the strategies employed by the Assistant District Attorneys and will put that knowledge to work for you.
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Theft generally involves a person taking another’s property without consent. Burglary occurs when a person enters a building or occupied structure without permission with the intention of committing a crime inside. Robbery is theft with force, however slight, or threat of force. There are numerous types of theft offenses that can cause confusion. Our attorneys will investigate your specific case to ensure you understand all of your options.
Our aggressive and experienced attorneys will explore and investigate each element of the specific theft offense that you have been charged with. Our attorneys will come up with the best defense for your specific circumstances. They collect and preserve important evidence for a successful defense. At MMD&C our attorneys investigate each element of each individual charge for every type of theft charge. The most effective defense strategies depend on the specific details of the case and the lawyer’s ability to investigate which is why it is imperative to contact our attorneys as soon as possible after a theft charge. We act fast to preserve valuable evidence that the prosecution may attempt to get thrown out. Our attorneys thoroughly research case law, procedural law, and statutes relevant to our client’s specific case to stay up to date on the best arguments and defenses.

The highly rated attorneys at MMD&C will explore all possible defenses to help our clients avoid a conviction for theft, receiving stolen property, burglary, or other property crimes when possible. We have a successful record of pointing out deficiencies in the Commonwealth’s case to get charges reduced or dismissed. We have a reputation for taking tough cases to trial, when necessary, in an effort to seek an acquittal for our clients. When you meet with an experienced criminal attorney in our firm, we will discuss the details of your charges and explore all aspects of your unique and specific circumstances. Put our experienced criminal defense attorneys to work for you.

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