Drunk Driving / DUI

DUI/ Drunk Driving Laws are Strict and Complex

If you have been arrested or charged with driving under the influence you need an aggressive DUI defense attorney fighting for you. Due to strict drunk driving laws and social stigma involving a DUI offense, even first-time offenders may face severe penalties. The penalties are increased for higher blood alcohol levels starting at the legal limit of .08 percent. Penalties are substantially increased for multiple convictions. The legal factors surrounding DUI charges can be complex and confusing, which is why you need an experienced attorney to give you the best defense. Lawyers at MMD&C are aggressive advocates for DUI clients, providing legal, logistical, and ethical support.

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Reduce DUI Penalties

We understand that people make mistakes, but a mistake should not have to ruin one’s reputation. Those accused of a DUI face to possibility of license suspension, fines, or incarceration. A criminal record would potentially put someone in danger of losing their job or jeopardize future employment opportunities when asked on an application if you have ever been convicted of a crime. At MMD&C our attorneys investigate each element of each individual charge for every DUI case. The most effective defense strategies depend on the specific details of the case and the lawyer’s ability to investigate which is why it is imperative to contact our attorneys as soon as possible after a charge. We act fast to preserve valuable evidence that the prosecution may attempt to get thrown out. Our attorneys thoroughly research case law, procedural law, and statutes relevant to our client’s specific case to stay up to date on the best arguments and defenses. Attorneys at MMD&C are experienced in DUI defense and will investigate your specific circumstances. From improper traffic stops and breathalyzer malfunctions to lab errors, our attorneys will review your case in comprehensive detail to pinpoint all the potential ways to reduce your charges.

ARD Program in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, the Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) program is available for first time DUI offenders. If you are admitted to the ARD program you will not have to serve jail time and you will not be convicted! There will be court ordered supervision, possible drug and alcohol treatment, community service, and probation. Once the ARD program is completed successfully, the case will be dismissed, and your record can be expunged. Attorneys at MMD&C are experienced and can present to you all of your options.

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