Estates and Estate Planning

As executor of your loved one’s estate, you are faced with resolving the complex procedure of estate administration. This is a lengthy process that can seem overwhelming when managing it alone. An experienced Pennsylvania probate and estate administration attorney can help. At Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, we utilize more than 30 years of legal experience to help our clients maneuver through the probate and estate administration process as well as the Pennsylvania court system. 

We ensure that all elements of your loved one’s estate are addressed, such as: 

  • Opening the estate 
  • Obtaining a tax identification number for the estate 
  • Collecting assets and retitling assets 
  • Resolving will contests and probate litigation 
  • Establishing legal guardianships designated under a will for minor children 
  • Evaluating and paying bills 
  • Completing all necessary filings, notices, and documentation 
  • Completing estate tax returns and inheritance tax returns 
  • Distributing assets to heirs 
  • Other necessary procedural steps 

As an experienced Pennsylvania estate administration law firm, we understand the uncertainties many endure awaiting the closure of the estate and transfer of family legacy. Therefore, we take care to keep our clients updated and informed throughout the process. Although we work for efficient resolution, in reality, most estate administrations last six months to a year. As an experienced estate administration firm, our lawyers strive to accommodate all of our clients’ legal and financial concerns during this time.  

Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark also strives to assist you in planning your own estate to suit your individual needs. Our goal is to be as efficient and time conscious as possible. 

If you have a spouse or children, it is important that you plan for their future well-being by preparing a will. If you do not have a will, Pennsylvania law will determine what happens to your children, your money, and your estate after you die. Your intentions and plans will not matter. 

Establishing a trust can ensure that the assets you transfer to your heirs are both protected and used for good purposes. Trusts also offer unique tax advantages and can be used to meet special needs of family members. 

Each and every client is unique to use, and may require different methods and planning; we focus on issues particular to you including: 

  • Determining Which Estate Planning Tools Fit Your Needs 
  • Protecting Your Surviving Spouse 
  • Protecting Your Heirs 
  • Preserving Your Estate 
  • Avoiding Probate 
  • Providing for Special Needs Heirs 
  • Family Complications, Such as Second Families and Ex-Spouses 
  • Selecting the Best Executor and Trustee 
  • Avoiding Disputes and Litigation 
  • Making Your Will Contest Proof 
  • Estate Planning for LGBT Couples 
  • Planning for the Succession of Your Business 


Your team at Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark is easy to talk to. Feel free to call us for an appointment. We will make the process as easy as possible! 

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