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Watch for “Road Closed” signs in Pennsylvania.

October 24, 2012

Under a recently-enacted law, Pennsylvania now imposes two (2) points on your license if convicted of failing to obey safety warning signs such as “Road Closed” and other Construction Zone signs.  In addition to the assessment of points, the driver can be fined up to $250.  If the infraction requires emergency responders dispatched, the maximum fine increases to $500 and the violator can be ordered to pay the costs of the emergency response. If you have been charged with this, or any, traffic violation, contact an experienced attorney at MMD&C now so that you know and understand your rights.  

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Pennsylvania Supreme Court Imposes Additional Liability for Employees of Subcontractors

September 20, 2012

This summer, the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania issued a decision that broadens the potential liability for companies that regularly contract with other companies for work to be performed.  The subcontractor hired by the contracting business did not have workers’ compensation insurance and one of its employees was injured on the job.  The Court found that the contracting business was liable for the employee’s claim, even though he was not an employee of the company.  If you have a question about the liability of a contractor or a subcontractor after a work injury, be sure to contact an experienced Workers’ Compensation attorney to discuss how the changes may affect your case.

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Pennsylvania’s Joint and Several Liability Law Changes

July 27, 2012

This summer Pennsylvania’s Joint and Several Liability Law has changed. The changes make it more defendant-friendly in many instances. If you have a case involving Joint and Several Liability be sure to contact an experienced Personal Injury attorney to discuss how the changes may effect your case.

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Main Line Today Names Two Partners to Top Lawyers List

July 26, 2012

Main Line Today magazine is out with its 2012 Top Lawyers list.  MMD&C Partners Tom Musi, and Rich Daubenberger have been named as a Top Lawyer.  Congratulations to our two partners for being voted as top of their field by their peers!  

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Felony Assault Charge Dismissed
at Preliminary Hearing

July 13, 2012

At a Preliminary Hearing in Aston District Court on Wednesday, MMD&C counsel successfully argued to have the felony charge of Aggravated Assault dismissed.  The client was facing a minimum sentence of 3 to 4½ years; now that the felony charge was dismissed after the hearing, he will likely only spend a month or two incarcerated on misdemeanor charges.  Obviously, the client and his family were very happy with this result.

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