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Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records

May 3, 2017

Pennsylvania law permits individuals to seal or expunge their criminal records. When a court expunges a record, the record is permanently destroyed. Sealing a record is, in most circumstances, equally as effective as expungement. The difference is that, when a record is sealed, it can only be retained by government entities who may not divulge the record to private employers and the public. In 2016, Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation permitting record sealing for a multitude of misdemeanor offenses, which were not previously able to be expunged. Who should expunge their record? Any person with a criminal record who is seeking employment or career advancement should consult an attorney about expungement. Furthermore, criminal records can disqualify an individual from obtaining loans and attending college and graduate level education. Expungement is a process that may take months to complete, so it is important to plan ahead. The experienced attorneys at Musi, Malone and Daubenberger, LLP can tell you whether all, or part, of your record qualifies for sealing or expungement, and will work expeditiously to resolve the expungement process with a favorable outcome. Please call Richard C. Daubenberger, Esq. at 610-891-8806 to begin the expungement process if your record includes any…

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MM&D partner Rich Daubenberger interviewed on NBC 10 about the Bill Cosby case

February 3, 2016

MM&D partner Richard C. Daubenberger, Esq. is interviewed on NBC 10 about the legal technicalities in the ongoing Bill Cosby proceedings.  Click the link below. Daubenberger NBC10 Interview Daubenberger NBC10 Interview 2  

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MM&D Associate Christopher M. Brown, Esq. donates his time to Wills for Heroes.

December 14, 2015

MM&D associate Christopher M. Brown participated in Wills for Heroes in Coatesville, PA on December 12, 2015. Wills for Heroes is a pro bono program offered by the Pennsylvania Bar Association where volunteer attorneys and paralegals gather to prepare simple Wills, Durable Financial Power of Attorney and Living Will/Health Care Directives free of charge for military Veterans, first responders (paramedics, firefighters and police officers) and their spouses to thank them for their public service and the risks that they take in doing so. Chris himself assisted in the preparation of 15 estate planning documents and while the only risk he took was sacrificing a Saturday, the first responders and their spouses were nearly as thankful as Chris is for their dedication to helping others and serving their country/community. Chris is an experienced estate planner and litigator and is accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs. Wills for Heroes is anticipated to be offered again in Chester county in March 2016.

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Attorney Lucas A. Clark, IV elected as a Radnor Township Commissioner

December 3, 2015

In the Special and General Elections this past November 3, Luke Clark was elected Commissioner for Radnor Township Ward 3 for both the unexpired term ending in January and the next four-year term from 2016-2020.  Luke won both elections by garnering 58% of the vote and was sworn in on November 9 by The Honorable Ann Osborne.  Radnor has seven voting Wards with each Ward having one representative Commissioner on its Board of Commissioners, which handles all of the township’s legislative and executive functions.  Luke will represent approximately 4,500 residents and is very excited to serve.

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Satisfied client to MM&D, “You guys rock!”

October 7, 2015

After being arrested and charged with felony drug offenses, this defendant retained MM&D criminal defense attorneys to work on the case.  The news of the arrest hit the local papers due to the high number of marijuana plants allegedly recovered from the client’s residence. After several court appearances the case was resolved with a negotiated plea by which the client avoided state prison.  Instead of measuring his sentence in years, he served a number of months at the county jail.  The satisfied client took the time to send some kind word to the firm to express his satisfaction and gratitude. Click on the image to the right to read the full size letter.

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