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Glowing AVVO Review

September 13, 2018

We recently had to unexpectedly seek an attorney due to a stupid mistake that could have resulted in a life altering direction with the possibility of facing jail time. The case was unusual due to a registered fire arm being involved with a small amt. of Marijuana. Rich [Daubenberger] was responsive, direct and wanted to ensure everyone understood the options and the direction that was being taken. He was accommodating and accessible for meetings via conference calls and email when needed. He explained the process throughout as it related to hearings, options and what to expect at each one based upon his 20+ years of experience, which was accurate. His knowledge of the process, the court system and legal associates personalities proved to be valuable. His ability to see the good in people and recognize the qualities in people resulted in being able to present the case/facts to the Judge in an open plea decision. The result…NO JAIL time for a felony conviction based upon what the DA sentencing recommendations were (23 mos. incarceration) …but a sentence of 30 day home monitoring and 2 yr probation. THANK YOU RICH for recognizing that all guidelines do not fit the crime and…

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MM&D Partner Thomas A. Musi successfully defends claim for federal class certification

August 31, 2018

Partner Thomas A. Musi recently successfully defended a motion to certify a class action under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23, in which the plaintiff sought to certify a class against his client under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.  In doing so, Attorney Musi successfully argued that the plaintiff failed to show any common evidence among the proposed class members.  Rather, he convinced the court that the proposed members of the class had individualized issues of consent that would likely result in thousands of “mini-trials” if the class was certified.

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MM&D Associate Peter Maganas successful in obtaining pardon recommendations for clients

December 15, 2017

Attorney Peter Maganas, head of the Expungement and Pardon Division at MM&D recently appeared at the State Capitol to argue two pardon applications. After Peter presented the cases, both applicants were recommended to the governor to be granted clemency. One case involved a felony gun conviction and another case involved felony drug conviction.

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Another positive client review

July 17, 2017

“Richard was my son lawyer and he made good with his promises. Richard was honest and upfront from the start. Richard did not make promises that he would save my son from his “stupid” mistake he did promise he would do his best to keep my son out of jail and he did. My son and I are truly grateful for Richards knowledge of the law. My son ended up with probation and I could not be more pleased with Richard help in this case. I would referral anyone with legal issues to Richard.”

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Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records

May 3, 2017

Pennsylvania law permits individuals to seal or expunge their criminal records. When a court expunges a record, the record is permanently destroyed. Sealing a record is, in most circumstances, equally as effective as expungement. The difference is that, when a record is sealed, it can only be retained by government entities who may not divulge the record to private employers and the public. In 2016, Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation permitting record sealing for a multitude of misdemeanor offenses, which were not previously able to be expunged. Who should expunge their record? Any person with a criminal record who is seeking employment or career advancement should consult an attorney about expungement. Furthermore, criminal records can disqualify an individual from obtaining loans and attending college and graduate level education. Expungement is a process that may take months to complete, so it is important to plan ahead. The experienced attorneys at Musi, Malone and Daubenberger, LLP can tell you whether all, or part, of your record qualifies for sealing or expungement, and will work expeditiously to resolve the expungement process with a favorable outcome. Please call Richard C. Daubenberger, Esq. at 610-891-8806 to begin the expungement process if your record includes any…

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