Congratulations Tom, Rich, Luke and Lindsay! Voted Top Lawyers of Delaware County 2023

Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, LLP, is eager to announce that four of our hard-working attorneys have been voted 2023 “Top Lawyers” of Delaware County. Congratulations to Thomas A. Musi, Jr., Richard C. Daubenberger, Lucas A. Clark, IV, and Lindsay J. Killian.

“Top Lawyers” allows attorneys in the area of Delaware County to be recognized by their peers for their outstanding performance and accomplishments in the legal community. It is one of the most respected peer review publications that invites previously acclaimed lawyers to vote for those attorneys who they believe have gone above and beyond to serve their clients within the same specialty and locale as them. The ballots are distinctively created each year based on a series of internal data points to gauge the previously recognized attorneys’ opinions on who they feel deserves recognition in the upcoming edition of “Top Lawyers.”

Because of his vast courtroom experience and long-standing history of practicing the law, Thomas A. Musi, Jr., has been recognized as 2023 “Top Lawyer” in Commercial Litigation, Real Estate and Zoning & Land Use. Mr. Musi has long been involved in both minor and complex litigation all while maintaining long-term, strong connections with his clientele. Mr. Musi received his law degree from Widener University Delaware Law School and since has continued to provide his legal expertise and outstanding service to every client he encounters.

Richard C. Daubenberger has received the title of 2023 “Top Lawyer” in Criminal Law, where his practice of the law focuses in the areas of criminal and juvenile defense with specialization in drug and DUI cases. Mr. Daubenberger has a substantial amount of courtroom experience as well as a plethora of knowledge to offer his clients in the area of criminal law. Since receiving his Juris Doctor from Villanova University School of Law, Mr. Daubenberger has remained dedicated to serving his clients and providing them the most beneficial outcomes of their cases.

Recognized for his outstanding performance in all areas of family law, Lucas A. Clark, IV, has been voted 2023 “Top Lawyer” in Family Law. Mr. Clark has been providing his clients at MMDC with his extensive amount of expertise since he was a law student himself. Graduating from Widener University Delaware Law School, Mr. Clark has expanded his knowledge of the law throughout his vast amount of courtroom experience and has continued to provide his family law clients with the best possible results for them and their families.

Specializing in drug offenses and restoring driving licenses, Lindsay J. Killian has earned the title of 2023 “Top Lawyer” in Criminal Law. Mrs. Killian received her Juris Doctor from Widener University Delaware Law School and has an extensive background in litigation, with experience handling both criminal and civil matters. Mrs. Killian has continued to provide MMDC’s criminal defense team with a unique approach that has benefitted her clientele throughout their cases.

Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, LLP, congratulates Mr. Musi, Mr. Daubenberger, Mr. Clark, and Ms. Killian on their outstanding work that earned them the titles of 2023 “Top Lawyers.” Our firm stays dedicated to providing the best possible service to all clientele. If you or any of your loved ones are in need of legal assistance, give our office a call at 610-891-8806