Sealing and Expunging Criminal Records

Pennsylvania law permits individuals to seal or expunge their criminal records. When a court expunges a record, the record is permanently destroyed. Sealing a record is, in most circumstances, equally as effective as expungement. The difference is that, when a record is sealed, it can only be retained by government entities who may not divulge the record to private employers and the public. In 2016, Gov. Tom Wolf signed legislation permitting record sealing for a multitude of misdemeanor offenses, which were not previously able to be expunged.

Who should expunge their record? Any person with a criminal record who is seeking employment or career advancement should consult an attorney about expungement. Furthermore, criminal records can disqualify an individual from obtaining loans and attending college and graduate level education.

Expungement is a process that may take months to complete, so it is important to plan ahead. The experienced attorneys at Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, LLP can tell you whether all, or part, of your record qualifies for sealing or expungement, and will work expeditiously to resolve the expungement process with a favorable outcome.

Please call Richard C. Daubenberger, Esq. at 610-891-8806 to begin the expungement process if your record includes any of the following:

• Any not guilty disposition (including charges dismissed or withdrawn pursuant to ARD)
• Summary conviction (5 years or older)
• Non-violent misdemeanor conviction (10 years or older)

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