Glowing AVVO Review

We recently had to unexpectedly seek an attorney due to a stupid mistake that could have resulted in a life altering direction with the possibility of facing jail time. The case was unusual due to a registered fire arm being involved with a small amt. of Marijuana. Rich [Daubenberger] was responsive, direct and wanted to ensure everyone understood the options and the direction that was being taken. He was accommodating and accessible for meetings via conference calls and email when needed. He explained the process throughout as it related to hearings, options and what to expect at each one based upon his 20+ years of experience, which was accurate. His knowledge of the process, the court system and legal associates personalities proved to be valuable. His ability to see the good in people and recognize the qualities in people resulted in being able to present the case/facts to the Judge in an open plea decision. The result…NO JAIL time for a felony conviction based upon what the DA sentencing recommendations were (23 mos. incarceration) …but a sentence of 30 day home monitoring and 2 yr probation. THANK YOU RICH for recognizing that all guidelines do not fit the crime and working to keep a path open and impacting a young mans future that could have gone in a totally different direction! We’ll keep our deal and be in touch after probation!!!! (The details MATTER in the law)