MMDC Organizational Changes

Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark is pleased to announce that our firm has recently undergone a number of organizational changes. Within the past couple of months, the firm has made a few changes in management to more effectively represent clients in these changing times, starting with the change of our firm name. The firm is no longer recognized as Musi, Malone & Daubenberger, but rather as Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, LLP.

We are pleased to add James Merkins, Esquire, a successful litigator with over twenty years of experience, as a named partner. In addition, we are delighted to name Lucas A. Clark, IV, Esquire as a partner to our law offices. Luke has been with the firm since 2005 when he began working as a paralegal while attending law school in the evening and now heads our family law division. As we navigate through these changes, we continue to focus on the many practice areas of law within our firm including, among others, personal injury, criminal defense, commercial litigation, construction law, family law, and estate planning.

When suffering a car accident, slip and fall, or any type of personal injury, you may be eligible for financial compensation due to the negligence of someone else. Situations in these matters can be difficult to navigate on your own, but attorneys at MMDC are prepared to guide you through the process and provide you with everything you need to prosecute your personal injury claims. When dealing with a personal injury claim, you pay MMDC absolutely NO fees unless we are successful in recovering damages on your behalf. Our attorneys want to help you feel whole again and receive the compensation you deserve in cases such as a slip and fall or motor vehicle accident where you have suffered injuries that greatly affect your daily life.

MMDC’s department of criminal defense offers clients vast insight and knowledge into criminal cases while specializing in the areas of DUIs, juvenile matters, and drug cases. The criminal defense attorneys at our firm work hard to provide aggressive defense strategies in all types of criminal cases in order to solidify the best outcome for our clients. At MMDC, our team of criminal defense attorneys includes a former Assistant District Attorney as well as a former Criminal Division Judicial Clerk. With the unparalleled experience that our attorneys offer, our firm is ready to handle your criminal cases head on and provide clients with a reliable defense strategy and beneficial results all while ensuring your rights are protected throughout the process.

MMDC is committed to protecting our clients’ interests through commercial litigation. Our attorneys work with clients big and small to provide aggressive and cost-effective litigation services. We have particular experience in construction law and real estate disputes. At MMDC, our attorneys include a former Delaware Supreme Court Clerk as well as a Solicitor to the Courts who offer their legal expertise in all litigation matters.

Our attorneys also specialize in real estate law. We handle anything from real estate agreements to contract negotiation to document preparation to litigation. Our attorneys work to handle these issues with urgency and attention to detail as we know there is a remarkable value at stake in all types of real estate matters.

MMDC’s team of attorneys offer years of experience handling complex cases in all areas of family law including, but not limited to, divorce, equitable distribution, child custody, support, PFA, and more. We understand how difficult it can be when facing family issues in the legal system which is why our attorneys strive to provide positive results and negotiation tactics that will benefit not only our clients, but their families as well. Offering years of legal experience in the Courts of Common Pleas, our family law attorneys provide clients with the knowledge required to maneuver through the difficult aspects of family law litigation and ease the burden of emotional and financial stress that may arise.

Attorneys at MMDC offer 30+ years of experience in the area of estate planning. We know that planning for the future and one’s ultimate passing is a scary and difficult process but something that must be done. Our attorneys focus on guiding clients through the process in a way that eases that stress. It can also be very tough when you become faced with resolving the administration of your loved one’s estate. The procedures of creating an estate, resolving probate litigation, distributing assets to heirs, and more, can become very complex and that is exactly what we are here for. At MMDC, we want to guide you through the process and make it as easy as possible for you and your loved ones all while maintaining the individualized methods of planning for your specific situation

Musi, Merkins, Daubenberger & Clark, LLP, remains committed to providing clients with the utmost attention and knowledge regarding all areas of law. If you or your loved ones are in need of legal assistance, our attorneys are ready to provide the best possible service to all clientele, just give our office a call at 610-891-8806.